32 Lessons At Age 32

Today is my 32nd birthday! This past year has been the best year of my life, by far, and I’d like to share what I have learned so far in my journey. Some of these are principles, some of them are observations.

1. If you’re conscientious and healthy, parenthood is totally worth it. Every day I wake up wondering what my kid needs and how I can better provide. My heart bursts with adoration and love. I realize just how short on love the world is when I spend time with my newborn. Parents love their kids less and less. This is the real societal decline.

2. Personal differences matter less than shared values. I have found some great alliances, connections, and friendships in the past year by allowing myself to not “sweat the small stuff”. I have learned to choose based on the big picture stuff and leave small mindedness off to the side.

3. Sleep is king. I think diet is a close second but truly, there is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. Your mood state is massively impacted by your quality of sleep. No sense in struggling to get into a good rhythm the whole day when you can simply wake up into one.


Dog has the heart of a lion.

4. Dogs are better than cats. Having owned both, I can definitively say I am a dog person. Our family has had a half St. Bernard, half Bernese Mountain dog for the past 6 months and I am way more bonded to the big guy than I ever have been to a cat. I can see why some people call cats “thots with fur”. They’re untrainable, erratic, and disloyal. They’re also ridiculously cute.


Time to plug the new book!

5. Writing is a lot of work but it’s worth it. A year and a half ago I was plowing through the early version of a book I had intended to title “The Culture Warrior Handbook”, set to release June 2017. I decided I was not knowledgeable enough, through direct experience, on the subject at hand. So, I took my time, got some reps in, and am releasing the book on June 5th, 2018. I am much more satisfied with this end result- Rise And Fight: Defeat Globalism, Save America.


Live like a lion.

6. Physiognomy is real and it matters. The way you present yourself is key. You can provoke inspiration and free thought in others. You can provoke sexual arousal. You can provoke envy and fear. It’s up to you. Your aesthetics leave a huge impression, so choose wisely.

7. Testosterone is a scarce resource. If you take a real survey of America, far too many men are stooped, flaccid, and womanly.

8. Demographics is destiny and the math is nearly inescapable at this point. It is going to take an act of God to stem the tide and ensure that America remains a free society. So long as we have our guns and free speech, there is hope.

9. I don’t care for being “persuaded”. I understand the utility of platformers starting with the assumption that their audience has cognitive dissonance but I didn’t study self-knowledge and philosophy for more than decade to have my awareness cultivated for me by someone else. If you do the work, neither should you accept this kind of arrangement.

10. A passionate marriage is favorable to a practical marriage. Passion is a discipline, a trait that requires upkeep and risk. Passion can be built upon practicality, no problem. But practicality alone too often limits what individuals are capable of.

11. Loneliness is the hunter. It can be intensely lonely at times to be in a global minority, with respect to love of liberty and self-knowledge. It is so important to reach out to people and take a chance.

12. “Identity politics for me but not for thee” is a position prominent people on both sides of the aisle hold.

13. It is better to be proactive instead of reactive. This is a favorite truism of mine. I spend very little time on indicting others, though I do think it is important to do in a just society. I spend a lot more time dwelling on how I can improve and multiply my efforts.

14. Saunas and deep breathing are the key to relaxation. I keep a 2 person sauna in my bedroom and feel great every time I use it. I work on my posture and breathe deep. I also plan on getting a practice pad and practicing drumming rudiments while I sit and cook. Sometimes I listen to podcasts. Sometimes I just sit and think. Everyone should get a sauna.

15. Stimulants help you to write but they shut off your access to emotions. It’s a toss up, as a person who makes money from book sales. I can see why some people get so into stimulants. It’s not for me.

16. Sobriety allows for intensity of experience. There’s nothing like “getting high off your own supply” when your own supply is healthy living. I experience things sober now as intensely as I used to experience things stoned at age 20 in a college apartment.

17. Psychology is mostly bullshit. It took me 200+ books of reading and hundreds of hours with quality therapists to realize that most of it is busywork designed to turn you into a leftist dipshit. Mindset is a fair bit better but philosophical self-knowledge is the best. My book, Make Self-Knowledge Great Again, is one of the best resources in this regard.

18. There’s always time to get a set in. I used to lift weights for an hour at a time, 4 times a week. I’m sure there’s someone who will tell me I’m wrong in doing it this way but I tend to work out now throughout the entire day. I do more sets, experience less soreness, and see about the same results as I did before. I will snag a few sets between clients. There’s always time to drop and do 20, 40, 60 push-ups.

19. Purity spiraling is not a valid strategy for Western Civilization. I say this as a person who has been guilty of a fair bit of it. The truth is that people hold power probably as much as ideas hold power. Think of Zuckerberg shutting down conservatives wherever he goes. Dude has power. Congressmen were like kittens in his autistic palms. We need to do everything we can to depose bad people from positions of power. Trump is proof that people can behave ethically when entrusted with power.

20. Generation Z will have the best kids heretofore seen. I am continually pleased by what I see from the first generation raised entirely with the Internet.


Do this every day.

21. Thoracic extension will keep you from having shitty posture. I am always stretching my chest and spine outward.

22. Power postures will juice your nuts. Also, retain your semen, kings.

23. Trade money for memories and skills. I paid $350 for 2 months of drum lessons a few years ago and I am still a better drummer than before I set out. I paid $1100 to go to A Night For Freedom in New York City and got to meet all sorts of interesting people, like Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Ali Alexander, Owen Benjamin, people who were fans of my platform, and a host of other movers and shakers.


Everybody wants to be the man at the top.

24. Society is hierarchical. You have to try and perceive the value of people more influential than yourself and see how you can contribute. I forget the name of it but there’s a principle that, more or less, states that the square root of the population gives you the actual number of those who are responsible for the vast majority of value in a society. Something like this. I see this to be more and more true as I continue to become more aware. This means there approximately 83,000 people alive today who are responsible for most of what we see. Sounds about right.

25. Floss your teeth twice a day. I recently had a checkup and cleaning with a dentist after 3–4 years without one. I had perfectly clean teeth, mostly because I have been flossing so well and because I haven’t eaten sugar or bread with any regularity for years and years.

26. Plan for old age. I keep squirreling away money in different places, watching it compound and the value of my assets accrue. It’s downright addictive. I can see why intergenerational wealth is such an appealing prospect.

27. Remember principles, not details. I have an intense admiration for people who can remember both. My wife is that way. If there’s one to choose from, I say remember the principles. That way you can reason your way back to the details whenever you need.

28. Embrace aging. Trying to remain youthful is sad road to walk down. There’s nothing wrong with taking HGH, injecting yourself with stem cells, and dieting conscientiously. I’m talking about people who try to keep a youthful visage in their personality as they get older. It’s okay to have wisdom and a few grey hairs.

29. Focus on what you can control. This is another truism I love. There’s too much malaise that comes out of monitoring the news endlessly and remaining oblivious as your life passes you by. Much better to have children and spend all day with them, instead.

30. Those who squelch free speech make political violence inevitable. I think “escalation” is just a euphemism for what everyone is really thinking. Political violence from the Establishment has been here for decades. The backlash will be almighty and all-encompassing. I have no pity for evil-doers.

31. Fraternity and fatherhood make or break a culture. It is vital we assert our right to have male spaces.

32. Soda water is the best substitute for juice or whatever the hell else you put in your body that fattens you up. I tend toward LaCroix. Then again, I prefer well water above soda water because I don’t trust corporations.

There you go. Next year I will have more lessons, principles, and observations to impart. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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