This is a brief overview of some of the major events of 2018 and what spice can be gleaned from them.

Sleep now in the fire.

January 30th
President Donald J. Trump gives his first State of the Union Address. 75 percent of viewers approved of Trump’s address. Highlights include: Ruth Bader Ginsburg drunk off of “California wine” and taking a catnap, Chuck Schumer giving Joe Manchin the evil eye for applauding Trump, and the stunning story of North Korean defector Ji Seong-ho who attended the Address and raised his crutches in triumph when acknowledged by the President.
Spice — The Democrats are joyless partisans who will block any move toward national unity. Bader Ginsburg was drunk at a State of the Union for the third time in recent history. Freedom is purchased at great sacrifice. The American public is war weary.

This certifiable idiot, who has no pubes, just got into Harvard.

February 25th 
In reaction to the leftist politicization of the Parkland school shooting (in Broward County, Florida), major companies sever their ties with the National Rifle Association — including Alamo, Allied Van Lines, Avis, Budget, Delta, Enterprise, First National Bank of Omaha, Hertz, MetLife, National, Symantec, Teladoc, and United.
Spice — CNN and the rest of the FakeNews media start to politicize mass shootings before the bodies have even hit the ground. Obama is a shameless schill for gun seizure. The media institutions and corporations control the English language. Corporations are partners with the political elite in enforcing the globalist world order.

Stormy Daniels: voice of a generation.

March 7th
Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress who alleges she had an affair with President Trump, files a lawsuit against him alleging that a nondisclosure contract she signed is invalid.
Spice — Women let powerful men grab them by the pussy. Pornstars turn into greedy whores over time due to the non-spiritual, carnal nature of their vocation. Major publishing houses have no ethics and will give huge book deals to anyone who reinforce the globalist world order.

Leave this page immediately if you still like Paul Nehlen.

April 11th
House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan announces that he will not run for re-election in November.

Spice — Paul Nehlen is a stone cold idiot who immaturely burned all his #MAGA bridges and now Bryan Steil, a Paul Ryan clone, has the seat in Wisconsin. A furious debate in the dissident right on the topic of “optics” led to a rift and separation of disparate elements. Optics matter and anyone who says otherwise is a self-unaware idiot, like Paul Nehlen.

Bowling alone.

May 1st
A study conducted by health services company Cigna reveals that American adults are experiencing a “loneliness epidemic” with nearly half of Americans reporting they sometimes or always feel alone (46 percent) or left out (47 percent).

Spice — Due to mass migration and atrocious trade deals, social capital in the United States has been utterly hollowed out. Social media is only contributing to overall depression rates, especially among young people. The Zoomer generation will have to completely remake American society in their image as the Millenial generation has failed massively in alleviating these social-psychological epidemics.

Squandering the wealth of past generations, one Easy Ride at a time.

June 25th
Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson announces that it will shift some production outside the U.S. as a result of retaliatory tariffs introduced by the European Union.
Spice — Boomercycles, popularized by degenerate cultural artifacts such as Easy Rider and “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf, reach their lowest point in popularity. Young people cannot afford these luxuries because of stagnant wages contrasted against rising cost of living.

An actual Muslim rules over London.

July 12th
President Trump arrives in the UK. The four-day visit includes talks with Theresa May, tea with the Queen and a trip to Scotland. There are mass protests in London, featuring a ‘Trump baby’ blimp flown over Westminster.
Spice — America more closely matches Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World vision of a dystopia while George Orwell’s 1984 is a more apt descriptor for the UK. Political opinions in the UK are closely monitored and collective rage at mass migration and taxation policies is redirected at political enemies of the City of London.

Monsanto is just free market capitalism, duh!

August 10th
In a landmark case, Monsanto is ordered to pay $289m to 46-year-old Dewayne Johnson, after a jury rules that the company’s Roundup weedkiller caused his terminal cancer and that the corporation failed to warn him of the health hazards.
Spice — The California justice system is dictated by Third World juries and social justice. DeWayne Johnson was a janitor whose lifetime earnings MAY have approached $1 million. California is becoming a dangerous place to do business. And fuck Monsanto.

Academia: where lying hags can wait to strike for decades at a time — and then make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

September 27th
Christine Blasey Ford appears before a Senate Judiciary Committee to give evidence against Brett Kavanaugh.
Spice — Liberal white women, a huge percentage of them being on psycho-pharmaceuticals, are almost single-handedly leading to the downfall of civilization. The left wants to turn America into a “guilty until proven innocent” lawfare society. Jews would stand to benefit the most from this development.

The All-American Chad will have his day in the sun, once again.

October 6th
The Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination by a vote of 50–48, amid controversy over sexual assault claims against him.
Spice — Truth and justice still reign in the United States, by an extremely thin margin that is rapidly disappearing due to demographics. The leftists are playing a waiting game. When they have the numbers, America will become a mass democracy where straight white men are sent to death camps. All white children will be doused with gay propaganda and turned into wards of the State.

November 30th
Former President George H. W. Bush dies at the age of 94 in Houston, Texas.
Spice — Loser President who was involved in JFK’s assassination and coined the term New World Order is LIONIZED by many voices on the supposedly dissident right. Surviving Bushes bask in the media glow. Trump keeps it real by not singing at the memorial services and by leaving early.

The Federal Reserve: heart of human evil.

December 21st
The Dow Jones closes at 22,445.37 after its worst week since 2008.
Spice — The Federal Reserve has a total stranglehold on all human activity, as quantified by money. With the raising of interest rates, the Fed can punish any political opponent at will. This is especially apparent because the Fed appeased Nigerian-born Obama at every turn throughout his tenure.

Well, it’s been a spicy year! A great big THANK YOU to anyone who actively opposed the globalist world order and its fleet of low IQ minions. We have a massive uphill battle in 2019 and the clock is ticking on demographics. I’ll see you in the New Year.